How can you hate something that you’ve been doing for years?

Did I spark your curiosity? Maybe you have come to the conclusion that you dislike programming as well? If someone had asked me approximately five years ago if I would hate programming in the future, the answer would have been, “that’s impossible!”.

Yet, here I am today, uttering these almost…


They still gain exposure even if they are click-bait or verified as not effective.

If you are one to use the internet regularly, you may have seen them in their natural habitat. A video here or there, an article over yonder… many people claiming to earn thousands of dollars on the internet.

Possibly due to being burned before, you attempt to ignore it but……

Let’s talk about how the Caribbean is seen from the outside world.

What comes to your imagination when you hear the word “Caribbean”?

Do you somehow imagine: sea, sun, sand…relaxing in a hammock while you drink coconut water from a coconut, looking out as the natives bustle about returning to their huts?

Do you hear ‘reggae music’ and the cacophony of seagulls…

Kitami Prescott

Masters in Computer Science. Dreamer. Thinker. Representing the Caribbean. 🇹🇹🇰🇷

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