Where did the whispers come from?

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2020 became the year that I realized that my self-care routine was no longer sufficient. I have always had pride in my ability to self-care. My father left when I was six years old and my mother struggled with raising two children on her own. She had her heart set on enjoying her life while she was young and did just that. Thus I grew up quite independent, an introvert with the love style of a vacillator.

Vacillators are persons who develop feelings of abandonment due to the lack of constant parental affection. By the time their parents feel like…

I reduced my severe lactose intolerance with a time management diet.

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Lactose intolerance, oh the horror! No longer can you enjoy the sticky sweetness of your favorite ice cream, nor can you savor the gooey goodness of mozzarella cheese oozing from your favorite type of pizza without fear.
Milkshakes? You can forget those! As autumn approaches and all your friends begin to enjoy their perfectly drizzled with cinnamon, pumpkin spice lattes with no consequences, you need to stock up on Lactaid instead.

Lactose intolerance is such a tricky foe. The ability to digest dairy products stem from a genetic mutation, yet, lactose intolerance is the condition where you either never had…

While BLM is sparking change, it is also inciting harsh retaliation.

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George Floyd’s unfortunate death at the hand of the police further accelerated the kick-off of protests against racial injustices. These protests blew up and began trending worldwide, with almost everyone banding together to join forces against racism. From May 25th, 2020 until now, if the timeline is followed, many changes have happened due to the protests and the sheer amount of people speaking up.

That being said, change for the worse is also happening. …

Teaching Online has become easier with the use of 2D & 3D models, Face & Hand tracking and Live-streaming.

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There are many websites out there which allows you to become a teacher online for free. As the education systems are being currently pummeled by COVID-19, more and more teachers or prospective teachers are looking towards teaching classes online. All you need is a webcam, a microphone, proof of your certification and yourself to become an online teacher.

Though, for whatever reason, whether it is insecurity about appearances, background instability or preference, some persons balk at the idea of using their webcams online to broadcast to a larger audience. …

Colorism is almost just as bad as racism.

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At this point, we are all quite familiar with racism. The protests are ongoing, more people are speaking out against discrimination, the entire world is learning about it today…but, we rarely ever talk about racism’s ever so sneaky cousin; colorism.

Colorism exists just as much as racism. We see it in television shows, we see it in Hollywood, we see it on social media, we even see it in our own communities, yet it is hardly ever addressed in full capacity. Where did it come from and why does it affect the self-confidence of little black girls?

I Was Black, She Was Almost White

I remember it…

How can you hate something that you’ve been doing for years?

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Did I spark your curiosity? Maybe you have come to the conclusion that you dislike programming as well? If someone had asked me approximately five years ago if I would hate programming in the future, the answer would have been, “that’s impossible!”.

Yet, here I am today, uttering these almost blasphemous words in a society where programming is seen as the modern-day holy grail of life skills. Ironically, this agenda, where programming is seen as the most profitable profession, also fueled my dislike for programming as well.

Love Turned Into Hate

I started losing interest in programming when I began my Master’s degree in…

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They still gain exposure even if they are click-bait or verified as not effective.

If you are one to use the internet regularly, you may have seen them in their natural habitat. A video here or there, an article over yonder… many people claiming to earn thousands of dollars on the internet.

Possibly due to being burned before, you attempt to ignore it but… that video has 1.5 million views!? It must be real this time! You take the bait and click to gain whatever new insight the video possibly has to offer.

Why is this a successful strategy?

The question that sparks curiosity here is How did it get so many views in the first place?. Making money online…

How to achieve happiness by being lenient on yourself.

Relaxation at the Mount Irvine Bay (Photo courtesy of Author)

Have you ever found yourself planning out everything? You think to yourself, “I will go to the supermarket and pick up some soy sauce and cabbage.” But when you get there, soy sauce and cabbages are out of stock and you are filled with disappointment and immediately start planning your next move to acquire them.

I have been guilty of planning out everything from the moment that I awoke, to the moment that I went to bed. Though, as time went on, I realized that I was steadily becoming unhappy. …

Let’s talk about how the Caribbean is seen from the outside world.

Store Bay, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago (Photo courtesy of Author)

What comes to your imagination when you hear the word “Caribbean”?

Do you somehow imagine: sea, sun, sand…relaxing in a hammock while you drink coconut water from a coconut, looking out as the natives bustle about returning to their huts?

Do you hear ‘reggae music’ and the cacophony of seagulls, crickets and the crashes of the waves against the shore?

If you’ve imagined this or something similar, do not be ashamed. Some of it is indeed part of the Caribbean experience but the Caribbean is also so much more than that. …

I am back with the third installment of my “How to apply and receive the KGSP Scholarship” guide. If this is the first story of the guide that you have encountered, you may read part 1 and part 2 and come back to this one later as they are sequential. In this section, I will explain what needs to be done after the official announcement of the scholarship results and how to prepare for moving to South Korea.

From where I left off last in the previous part; based on the results of your medical and acceptance by at least…

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